Antonella Perdigues

Antonella Perdigues

Antonella is an Argentine physicist who has dedicated her career to disseminating information related to the astronomical sciences. She has been a hobby writer since childhood and enjoys creating stories that combine fiction, drama, and mystery with scientific themes.

SKAO: Largest Radio Telescope Promises To Reveal the Depths of the Universe

Construction has begun on the world’s largest radio telescope, promising to provide impressive astrophysical data within the next decade.

Mathematics Does Not Prohibit Traveling Back in Time

A young scientist from The University of Queensland proposes a theoretical mathematical model by which trips to the past are possible.

Explore the Observable Universe With This New Interactive Map

Researchers were able to map out galaxies across the entire observable universe and create an interactive map.

Everything in the Universe is Waves

Centuries of conjectures and experiments show that matter is made of particles that are, at the same time, waves.

Dark Matter Could, Paradoxically, Be Lighting up the Universe

An excess of light observed in the cosmos could be explained by dark matter. But we need more experiments to confirm.

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