Azam Mahmood

Azam Mahmood

Azam is an independent journalist with 15+ years of experience writing across various industries. His interests include music, scientific developments, woodworking, dogs, and automobiles.

Scientists Just Uncovered Two Earth-Like Alien Worlds

Two Earth-like alien worlds with a mass similar to that of Earth have been found in the habitable zone of a star.

New Clues into What Really Causes Aging

Scientists have just unearthed a vital clue about what really causes aging, discovering an imbalance that makes aging cells progressively less functional as time passes.

A Surprising Twist: The Demand for Timber Could Help Increase Forests

A recent finding suggests that a rising global demand for timber and incentives for landowners could in fact help increase forests.

See the Environmental Impact of Global Food Production

A new study has mapped the environmental impact of global food production, which is one of the biggest threats to biological diversity.

New Study Reveals That Sheep Have Collective Intelligence

A new study has found that sheep have collective intelligence, which belies the stereotyping of sheep flocks.

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