Kaitlyn Fletcher

Kaitlyn Fletcher

Kaite is a science educator and environmental journalist who enjoys learning about the dynamics and intricacies of the natural world. Her goal is to help bridge the gap between scientists and the public by explaining their research in a clear and engaging way. Kaite’s work has been published in local newspapers and online publications.

Scientists Discovered a New Set of Blood Types

The unraveling of a rare blood type can help save lives by developing better testing techniques before a fatal immune response occurs.

Unlocking Immortality: The Science of Clones

Cellular clones could hold the power to reverse disease, injury and disability, helping us live longer, healthier lives.

New Supertanker Uses 9% Less Fuel Thanks to Massive Sails

This fuel-efficient oil carrier is welcomed, as the global ship fleet belches 1 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere annually.

The Axolotl: The Species That Could Unlock Human Regeneration

The Axolotl could be the key to human regeneration. Scientists are racing to uncover its mysteries before the cute creatures go extinct.

New ‘Artificial Photosynthesis’ System 10 Times More Efficient

Natural photosynthesis was reverse-engineered to produce more concentrated fuels in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

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