Joseph Muna

Joseph Muna

Joseph Muna is a journalist with more than five years of editorial experience. He enjoys writing about space, new tech, and the mysteries of the universe. Muna's work has been published in ThoughtNova and numerous other sites.

New Research Could Let AI Create 3D Holograms in Real Time

Scientists at MIT have developed a new AI-based technique that can produce holograms almost instantly and could be done on smartphones.

New Research Sheds Light on the Mysterious Particles

Scientists have shed light on Majorana, which are enigmatic particles that act as their own antiparticles.

The First Net Zero Transatlantic Flight: Fly Around Earth on Used Cooking Oil

Virgin Atlantic will launch the first-ever, net zero transatlantic flight that uses 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel in 2023.

This Robot Dog Climbs Walls and Ceilings

Meet a gravity-defying robot dog that can climb up walls and across ceilings just like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Musk Had Users Vote on Whether He Should Step Down as Twitter CEO

Musk asked users whether he should step down as Twitter CEO, and close to 60 percent of users want him to resign.

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