Marcia Wendorf

Marcia Wendorf

Marcia is a technical writer, author, and programmer. Prior to starting her writing career, she was a math instructor. She stays on top of worldwide news about science, government policies, finance, infrastructure, and medicine. She is always "sniffing the wind" for the latest trends and directions, and keeping her readers abreast of these developments.

Carmakers Are Dropping AM Radio From Their EVs

Interference from electric car motors is causing EV manufacturers to eliminate AM radio from their vehicles

Exclusive: Concept Unveiled for the World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

See what the world's first artificial womb facility might look like and learn how it might work. Ectogenesis is closer than you think.

Direct-to-Consumer Auto Sales: How Tesla Could Mean the End of Car Dealerships

State laws are slowing electric vehicle adoption in the U.S., affecting our pocketbooks and our climate.

Strange Science: Why Some People Have Two Sets of DNA and Other Mysteries

In very rare cases, some people may be harboring two entirely different sets of DNA and not even know it.

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