Ethics Policy

At Science and Stuff, we explain the science of everything.

Our mission is to demystify the world of science to help readers demystify the world around them. The tool we use to accomplish this mission is storytelling. However, we realize that true understanding is only possible when stories are told with accuracy, honesty, and impartiality. After all, in order to really understand something you need to know the real story. Our Editorial Ethics Policy ensures we live up to our mission — it preserves the integrity of our content and our teams.

The following is our list of Editorial Ethics Policies and the actionable steps we take to ensure we never fall short. As our society and newsroom continue to evolve, these policies will be updated to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards.

Our Policies

  • We will work to report the truth. 
    • We fact-check all our claims and statements.
    • We don’t cover claims unless they are backed by reputable sources and industry experts.
    • We don’t oversell claims and clearly state if a study hasn’t been peer-reviewed or is based on animal models.
    • If a subject is being scrutinized or criticized, we will diligently seek them out for comment. If they have not responded prior to publication, we will include a disclaimer, and we will promptly update the content with any statement we receive
  • We will keep our content impartial.
    • We will actively seek a multitude of informed perspectives to ensure our content is fair and impartial.
  • We will take responsibility for our content. 
    • We will provide individuals with clear ways to contact us about issues, corrections, and concerns. Email us here.
    • Factual errors and omissions will be corrected as quickly as possible.
    • If corrections are made, they will be noted and clearly explained in disclaimers.  
  • We will be clear about where information comes from. 
    • When we cite facts or quotes, we will attribute the source and include links when relevant.
    • The use of unidentified sources will be reserved for only the most extenuating situations and will be approved by Editorial management
  • We will be transparent about our revenue streams. 
    • All non-editorial content will be clearly labeled.
    • Links will only be used in editorial content if they add editorial value.
    • All sponsored and partner content will be produced by teams at Science and Stuff, not our clients or advertisers.
  • We will keep our editorial choices free from commercial influence. 
    • Editorial management will have the final say on editorial content. Advertisers will not influence our reporting or have any involvement in our reporting processes.
    • Editorial teams will neither work for nor provide consulting services to the subjects they cover. They will not accept anything of value from subjects..

Saw a disclaimer? Here’s what it means

  • Presented by
    • This disclaimer will be used if a piece of content was created by our editorial teams but was funded (either in whole or in part) by an organization or individual. Organizations and individuals may choose the content they wish to fund, but they will not have any editorial oversight or participate in content creation.
  • Sponsored content
    • This disclaimer will be used if a piece of content was created in collaboration with an advertiser who participated in the production process in specific, limited ways. For example, advertisers may participate in topic ideation or suggest key points to focus on.
  • Affiliate content
    • This disclaimer will be used if a piece of content contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission on items purchased through those links.
  • Correction
    • This disclaimer will be used if we issue a correction in a piece of content.
  • Affiliation notice
    • From time to time, editorial teams may cover our advertisers or an organization or project they are affiliated with. If there is ever an actual or potential conflict of interest in a piece of content, this disclaimer will be used.
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