New Research Could Let AI Create 3D Holograms in Real Time

Scientists at MIT have developed a new AI-based technique that can produce holograms almost instantly and could be done on smartphones.

The Universe May Not Be Homogeneous After All

Two studies have found hints that the universe prefers to order galaxies in one particular way over others...

The Spinal Implant That Lets Paralyzed People Walk

This new spinal implant lets completely paralyzed people with severe spinal cord injuries walk again within a day of treatment.

Strange Physics: The Universe Isn’t Expanding the Way We Thought

A new study has measured the expansion of the universe and found that it is significantly larger than we thought.

What Our Future Might Be Like if Humans Survive a Million Years

Modern humans have been around for roughly 300,000 years. So what will happen if we make it to a million years?

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