Alien life

Scientists Just Uncovered Two Earth-Like Alien Worlds

Two Earth-like alien worlds with a mass similar to that of Earth have been found in the habitable zone of a star.

NASA Images Capture a Star the Moment It Explodes

Hubble Space Telescope continues to provide impressive data. This time it captured a star burst and its aftermath.

Aliens May Live on Earth, and We Wouldn’t Know

And any idea that suggests that aliens may live on Earth while hiding in plain sight becomes quite a, well, alien thought. But that is exactly what one of NASA’s top astrobiologists maintains could be true: aliens may live on Earth. But we wouldn’t know.

Meet Planet 9, the Strange World at the Edge of Our Solar System

Caltech researchers find strong evidence of a new planet in the Solar System’s outer reaches and hope to confirm it.

Alcyoneus: One of the Largest Galaxies in the Known Universe

Astronomers are stunned: they find an ultra-giant galaxy equal to 150 times ours, and they’re trying to figure out how Alcyoneus came to life.

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