This Is How the Universe Manufactures the Materials of Life

We are stardust: The majority of the atoms in our body were formed inside of stars, supernovae, and neutron star collisions.

Sound Waves Shown To Boost Green Hydrogen Production by 14 Times

Engineers in Melbourne have succeeded in boosting green hydrogen production by a multiple of 14 through the power of sound waves.

Biology Breakthrough: Scientists Reconstruct 2-Billion-Year-Old Enzymes

Researchers were able to reconstruct 2-billion-year-old enzymes and believe it could solve a longstanding bacterial enzyme puzzle.

A Cheap New Battery Has 4x the Capacity of Lithium-ion

Meet a new, cheaper, sodium-sulfur battery built with four times the capacity of a conventional lithium-ion battery.

Dark Photons Could Be Heating up the Universe

The dark photon is a competitive candidate for a dark matter component and could be heating the gas in the universe.

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