New Research Could Let AI Create 3D Holograms in Real Time

Scientists at MIT have developed a new AI-based technique that can produce holograms almost instantly and could be done on smartphones.

The Internet’s Carbon Footprint: Is Video Streaming as Bad as Cars?

Driving a small car to the movie theatre with a friend may have lower carbon emissions than streaming the same movie alone at home!

Musk Had Users Vote on Whether He Should Step Down as Twitter CEO

Musk asked users whether he should step down as Twitter CEO, and close to 60 percent of users want him to resign.

Google, Apple, and Mozilla Are Working Together To Build a Better Browser

Apple teams up with Google and Mozilla to build a next-generation browser benchmark that will improve browser performance.

Mercedes-Benz Will Limit Car Acceleration Unless Owners Pay $1,200 For an Annual Subscription

Want more power and quicker acceleration on your Mercedes EQ model? You'll have to pay a $1,200 annual fee to unlock the features.

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