Your Next Computer Chip Might Be Made of Mushroom Skin

Your next computer chip could be bio-degradable and non-toxic, thanks to a mushroom skin that could replace plastic-based substrates.

Neural Network Promises to Unmask Dark Matter

An artificial intelligence algorithm can find distant galaxies thanks to an optical phenomenon called gravitational lensing.

The Interplanetary Internet Will Let You Browse Instagram From Mars

With interplanetary internet, you could send and receive high volumes of uninterrupted streaming data from Mars quickly and reliably.

Strange Quantum Effect Can Turn Matter Invisible

An experiment has just made matter partially invisible, and scientists are excited about the possible applications.

Oculus Creator Unveils VR Headset That Kills You if You Die in a Game

With three explosive charge modules pointed at your skull, this VR headset could kill you in real life if you die in a virtual game.

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