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Dark Matter Could, Paradoxically, Be Lighting up the Universe

An excess of light observed in the cosmos could be explained by dark matter. But we need more experiments to confirm.

Study Shows That Mindfulness Doesn’t Boost Cognitive Function

Turns out, mindfulness doesn’t boost cognitive function, which is the system of mental processes related to knowledge and reasoning.

Physicist Finally Managed to Measure the Most Important Value of Nature

Physicists have just measured for the first time the value of a fundamental constant of nature with abysmal precision.

A View From Space: See Earth’s Worst Polluters

NASA's EMIT mission was intended to detect key minerals but could become a key identifier of Earth’s worst polluters.

Scientists Can Mimic Photosynthesis to Create Hydrogen Fuel

Scientists have managed to mimic photosynthesis to create hydrogen fuel, which could be a game changer for renewable energy.

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