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Musk Had Users Vote on Whether He Should Step Down as Twitter CEO

Musk asked users whether he should step down as Twitter CEO, and close to 60 percent of users want him to resign.

Carmakers Are Dropping AM Radio From Their EVs

Interference from electric car motors is causing EV manufacturers to eliminate AM radio from their vehicles

The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing, and It Could Drive Humans to Extinction

Men are slowly losing their Y chromosomes, but scientists have made a new discovery that may bring hope to humanity.

A New Scientific Study Shows That Money Can Buy Happiness

A decade of research supports the idea that money can indeed make people happier.

Want To Own a Tiger in the US? Here’s What to Know About the ‘Big Cat Bill’

The Senate has unanimously passed a bill that restricts private ownership of big cats, including tigers and lions, as pets.

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