New Clues into What Really Causes Aging

Scientists have just unearthed a vital clue about what really causes aging, discovering an imbalance that makes aging cells progressively less functional as time passes.

Study Shows That Mindfulness Doesn’t Boost Cognitive Function

Turns out, mindfulness doesn’t boost cognitive function, which is the system of mental processes related to knowledge and reasoning.

Experts Used Hallucinogenic Mushrooms To Treat Cancer Patients

A new clinical trial reaffirmed the potential of psilocybin-assisted therapy to alleviate depression resulting from a cancer diagnosis.

A View From Space: See Earth’s Worst Polluters

NASA's EMIT mission was intended to detect key minerals but could become a key identifier of Earth’s worst polluters.

Scientists Discovered a New Set of Blood Types

The unraveling of a rare blood type can help save lives by developing better testing techniques before a fatal immune response occurs.

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