The Internet’s Carbon Footprint: Is Video Streaming as Bad as Cars?

Driving a small car to the movie theatre with a friend may have lower carbon emissions than streaming the same movie alone at home!

Carmakers Are Dropping AM Radio From Their EVs

Interference from electric car motors is causing EV manufacturers to eliminate AM radio from their vehicles

A New Material Can Stop Supersonic Impacts

A team of researchers managed to develop an ultra-resistant material that can stop projectiles at high speeds without breaking.

This Paper-Thin Material Turns Any Surface Into a Power Source

Scientists have developed scalable solar cells thinner than human hair that generates 18 times more power than conventional solar panels.

Mercedes-Benz Will Limit Car Acceleration Unless Owners Pay $1,200 For an Annual Subscription

Want more power and quicker acceleration on your Mercedes EQ model? You'll have to pay a $1,200 annual fee to unlock the features.

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