The First Net Zero Transatlantic Flight: Fly Around Earth on Used Cooking Oil

Virgin Atlantic will launch the first-ever, net zero transatlantic flight that uses 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel in 2023.

A Surprising Twist: The Demand for Timber Could Help Increase Forests

A recent finding suggests that a rising global demand for timber and incentives for landowners could in fact help increase forests.

Scientists Discovered the Toughest Material on Earth

Scientists have just got their hands on the toughest material ever recorded, which could prove immensely useful in various applications

Sound Waves Shown To Boost Green Hydrogen Production by 14 Times

Engineers in Melbourne have succeeded in boosting green hydrogen production by a multiple of 14 through the power of sound waves.

We’re One Step Closer to Fusion Power

A decisive advance in nuclear reactor technology demonstrates the usefulness and feasibility of fusion power.

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