New Study Reveals That Sheep Have Collective Intelligence

A new study has found that sheep have collective intelligence, which belies the stereotyping of sheep flocks.

Scientists Discovered the Toughest Material on Earth

Scientists have just got their hands on the toughest material ever recorded, which could prove immensely useful in various applications

Sound Waves Shown To Boost Green Hydrogen Production by 14 Times

Engineers in Melbourne have succeeded in boosting green hydrogen production by a multiple of 14 through the power of sound waves.

Sound Waves Can Be Used to “Program” Embryos

It turns out, embryos of many animals use sound cues from parents, siblings, or the environment to get valuable info on the external world.

A View From Space: See Earth’s Worst Polluters

NASA's EMIT mission was intended to detect key minerals but could become a key identifier of Earth’s worst polluters.

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