Scientists Can Mimic Photosynthesis to Create Hydrogen Fuel

Scientists have managed to mimic photosynthesis to create hydrogen fuel, which could be a game changer for renewable energy.

A Fusion Reaction Has Finally Created More Energy Than It Took to Spark It

Key nuclear fusion milestone: For the first time, a fusion reaction produced more energy than it took to spark the reaction.

China Just Discovered a New Mineral, And It Could Power Nuclear Fusion Devices

This lunar crystal discovered by Chinese scientists contains a rare mineral that could provide a clean energy source on Earth.

A Car Like No Other: Toyota’s Hydrogen Combustion Engine is Ready For Testing

Toyota's hydrogen combustion engine is set to revolutionize the car industry. But is the consumer ready to invest in the future?

Aliens May Live on Earth, and We Wouldn’t Know

And any idea that suggests that aliens may live on Earth while hiding in plain sight becomes quite a, well, alien thought. But that is exactly what one of NASA’s top astrobiologists maintains could be true: aliens may live on Earth. But we wouldn’t know.

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