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New Clues into What Really Causes Aging

Scientists have just unearthed a vital clue about what really causes aging, discovering an imbalance that makes aging cells progressively less functional as time passes.

The Melting Arctic is Releasing Ancient Germs. Here’s How Worried You Should Be.

Scientists are pondering the risk of ancient viral particles remaining infectious and getting back into circulation.

A Surprising Twist: The Demand for Timber Could Help Increase Forests

A recent finding suggests that a rising global demand for timber and incentives for landowners could in fact help increase forests.

See the Environmental Impact of Global Food Production

A new study has mapped the environmental impact of global food production, which is one of the biggest threats to biological diversity.

The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing, and It Could Drive Humans to Extinction

Men are slowly losing their Y chromosomes, but scientists have made a new discovery that may bring hope to humanity.

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