Human health

Intelligent People Are Happiest Alone

A series of scientific studies indicate that people with greater intellectual abilities experience less aversion to loneliness.

Study Shows That Mindfulness Doesn’t Boost Cognitive Function

Turns out, mindfulness doesn’t boost cognitive function, which is the system of mental processes related to knowledge and reasoning.

Experts Used Hallucinogenic Mushrooms To Treat Cancer Patients

A new clinical trial reaffirmed the potential of psilocybin-assisted therapy to alleviate depression resulting from a cancer diagnosis.

Sound Waves Shown To Boost Green Hydrogen Production by 14 Times

Engineers in Melbourne have succeeded in boosting green hydrogen production by a multiple of 14 through the power of sound waves.

A View From Space: See Earth’s Worst Polluters

NASA's EMIT mission was intended to detect key minerals but could become a key identifier of Earth’s worst polluters.

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