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Yes, New Zealand is Banning Cigarettes for Future Generations

New Zealanders aged 14 and younger will be prohibited from purchasing cigarettes, even as adults, under the new legislation.

3 Ways Your Environment Changes How Smart You Are

Do you think how smart you are depends on your genes or the education that you receive? Think again, for there's more than meets the eye.

Yale Scientists May Have Uncovered the Root Cause of Alzheimer’s

Scientists at Yale University have now suggested an entirely different root cause of Alzheimer’s that could improve diagnosis and treatment.

The Earlier Babies Are Exposed to a Second Language, the Smarter They Are

A study has proven that the earlier babies are exposed to a second knowledge, the smarter they are in their later years.

A New Fentanyl Vaccine Could End the Opioid Epidemic

A team of scientists is developing groundbreaking fentanyl vaccine that could finally eradicate the opioid epidemic by preventing addiction.

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