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Scientists Discovered the Toughest Material on Earth

Scientists have just got their hands on the toughest material ever recorded, which could prove immensely useful in various applications

Remote-Controlled Robots Approved to Kill Suspects in the US

San Francisco has allowed the use of a machine that is set to divide the room: remote-controlled robots approved to kill suspects.

NASA Just Contracted a Company To Help Build Outposts on the Moon

A Texas company received $50 million from NASA to design a 3D printer to make humans on the Moon and Mars habitats.

China’s New Hypersonic Aircraft Goes 9X the Speed of Sound

This hypersonic detonation engine can propel aircraft up to Mach 9, or a blistering nine times the speed of sound.

How NASA Hopes To Prevent an Asteroid Apocalypse

A collaboration between NASA and APL Johns Hopkins University crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to rehearse a planetary rescue mission. The DART ship is the martyr of planetary defense.

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