Intelligent People Are Happiest Alone

A series of scientific studies indicate that people with greater intellectual abilities experience less aversion to loneliness.

The Spinal Implant That Lets Paralyzed People Walk

This new spinal implant lets completely paralyzed people with severe spinal cord injuries walk again within a day of treatment.

Studies Show That Crows Are Self-Aware

Scientists demonstrate that crows are self-aware, like humans, and almost no other species has that intelligence.

Intermittent Fasting Shown to Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease in Animals

A new study has revealed that intermittent fasting could protect against Alzheimer's disease, raising hopes of an eventual cure.

Neuralink Has Unveiled a Brain Chip That Lets a Monkey Type With Its Mind

Neuralink has unveiled a brain chip that lets a monkey type with its brain, taking plans of linking brains with computers closer to reality.

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