Nanobots Carry Sperm to Fertilize Living Eggs

Nanobots can help solve male infertility by carrying sperm toward the egg to ensure successful fertilization.

See What Earth Looks Like From the Moon’s South Pole

This impressive time-lapse footage shows the Sun and our planet as seen from a crater near the Moon's South Pole.

Engineers Created a Candy Bar That Can Run the Video Game “Doom”

Candy of Doom: This candy bar has a fully functional built-in screen that is capable of booting up the legendary video game.

See the Affordable Tech That Lets Amputees Run

This runner developed an affordable shovel-shaped orthopedic prosthesis that allows amputees to run professionally.

Watch: Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Created A Mile-High Global Tsunami

You can now watch the simulation of a mile-high megatsunami that eliminated three quarters of the planet’s life, including dinosaurs.

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