Man Builds His Own X-ray Machine After $69K Hospital Bill

Annoyed with the high costs of medical treatments, this man built his own fully functional X-ray machine in just a day.

NASA Releases 12-Year Time-Lapse of the Entire Sky

When you use pictures captured over 10 years to create a time-lapse video of the entire sky, the universe makes for a mesmerizing display.

Watch 1 Billion Years of Earth’s Movement in 40 Seconds

A team of scientists condensed one billion years of Earth's evolution and tectonic plate movements into a short 40-second video.

Creepy Video Shows How Mosquitoes Suck Your Blood

This video shows a close-up view of how mosquitoes use six needles to suck your blood in a matter of seconds.

Flying Marines? Watch as a Man Jetpacks onto a Speeding Ship

Improvements in technology have enabled flying marines to jetpack onto a speeding ship. Is more varied usage on its way?

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